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The African SOUP

The African SOUP is a burgeoning educational organization that takes after the fabled "Stone Soup" story. Inspired by the initiatives and drive of the local village in which we are rooted, the SOUP exists to provide a hand-up, not a hand-out. The African SOUP works in tandem with the community to address its most vital needs. In addition to an exemplary primary and nursery school, The African SOUP has facilitated a nutritional outreach program, sustainability projects, sponsorships to further education, and the creation of a national project aimed at engaging students through active learning methodology, all inspired by our primary school roots. This shift from traditional Ugandan teaching methods of rote memorization and a lecture-based approach will empower students and teachers with the critical, creative, and ethical thinking skillsets to ensure leadership growth in Uganda. We simply provide the foundation for our programs while our community members, local and international partners, and supporters all bring something deliciously unique to the SOUP.
Our Mission
To empower communities through national primary education change, informed by our community-development programming.
Our Vision
A Uganda with equipped teachers, engaged learners, and empowered communities.
The Story Behind SOUP
The fable of stone soup has been told for generations. It started with a village in which the people were very hungry. A man passing through asked the people for a meal, to which they refused and explained they did not have enough to share. The man then told the people he would make a mysterious "stone soup" for himself. He began to boil water and added a stone to the water. When he suggested some salt and pepper was needed, a villager brought him some as that was a small thing to give. He then suggested maybe some carrots would help the flavor, and another villager brought some as it was also a small thing to give. This went on until the soup contained potatoes, beef, cabbage, and milk as well. The soldier shared the now large feast with all the villagers. It was the best soup they had every had! When the people asked what the magic of the stone was to make such a fantastic soup, he replied "It was not the stone, but the villagers that performed the magic." 
In likeness to The African SOUP, this story shows us how a community can do incredible things when everyone comes together to help!


Love above all else.


Internal and external collaboration to encourage growth and empowerment in a familial environment.


Celebrating each other and creating joy builds bridges within our organization and all of humankind.


Relentless respect and total transparency under all circumstances.


Curiosity is the engine of achievement, it drives learning and progress. Always maintain a deep thirst to move beyond your comfort zone and explore new ideas.


Accomplish BOLD ideas through high standards and perseverance.

SOUP Values
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