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Emma's Baby SOUP (EBS)

Learning is difficult if a child is malnourished and suffering from illness. Our EBS program relies on a holistic health approach facilitated through medical attention at the SOUP Primary School, the provision of nutrient-rich food, community workshops, parent counseling, and home visits throughout Nabikabala Village. Through our continuous engagement with 120 community families each year, EBS combats some of the areas greatest health risks. Through these services, we open up opportunities for our community’s children by proactively recognizing and addressing community health needs. The children in this program are prioritized for admission to our Nursery School, creating a full continuum of care.  

Cashew Plant


Seedlings distributed to 50 families at the start of each agricultural season


Health Services

Twice monthly medical checkups and health services provided by village health teams



Supplementary rations distributed to children suffering from severe acute malnutrition



Monthly counseling sessions on breastfeeding, positive parenting, immunizations, and family planning

Aids Ribbon


Monthly counseling and referral services provided to HIV+ individuals

Watercolor Leaves


Agriculture workshops on best farming practices for planting and harvesting nutritional foods

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