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SOUP Supper Club

Make a difference in the lives of children in Uganda by hosting a SOUP Supper Club!

Hosting a SOUP Supper Club is easy! 

1. Gather a group of friends and family together to attend your event.

2. For a fun twist, tell guests to bring their own bowl. When gathering for a meal in Uganda, people often are expected to bring their own bowl.  

3. Ask your attendees to each give a $10 - $20 donation. What would normally pay for their dinner will now be a donation towards the SOUP! (Submit the donation online or mail a check.)

4. Make a pot of soup, gather around the table, and enjoy fellowship with friends.

5. Encourage your friends to host a similar SOUP Supper Club!

6. If you like, post photos of your event and tag @theafricansoup on social media. #soupsupperclub

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