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Sponsor a Student

$75 a month can change a future
Students like these need your help to attend secondary school! 
After completing primary school, students in Uganda take the Primary Leaving Exam. Their individual results on this test qualify them or not to attend various secondary schools. Secondary School, the equivalent of middle and high school, in Uganda is not provided by the government and students are only able to attend if they can pay their tuition and fees. This is a challenge for most Ugandan children. 
Local students who graduate from The SOUP School qualify to participate in The African SOUP Secondary Enrichment Program (SEP). Our program provides a scholarship for up to 70% of a student's tuition and other fees, while the other 30% is provided by the student's family. This helps keep families actively involved in the students' academic careers and emphasizes that education should be a priority to our community. 
Invest in a child's future
A gift of $75 a month will provide for a student's tuition, books, uniform, shoes, mattress, transportation to school, and health care. Additionally SOUP SEP Scholars participate in holiday programming focused on servant leadership  and community service.
Your $75 monthly sponsorship will send a child to boarding school for the year!
In return for your generous support, you will receive a handwritten letter from a student in the Secondary Enrichment Program once each year. Thank you for choosing to make a lasting impact in the lives of students in Uganda! 
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