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We welcome visitors to The African SOUP in Nabikabala, Uganda to observe our work and engage meaningfully with our students on a short-term basis. During your time with us, you will be able to visit our SOUP Primary and Nursery School, observe the Active Learning Project in action, conduct home visits alongside our Baby SOUP staff, and more.

General Trip Information


This varies by seasonal prices as well as airline choice. However, the prices are typically around $1,800. 


You will be required to obtain a tourist visa for travel before your journey to Uganda. The visa is $50. You can find more information through the link below. 


The yellow fever vaccine is required to travel to Uganda. There are several other vaccines such as tetanus, meningitis, and typhoid that are highly recommended. Plan to consult your physician before traveling to Uganda.

Find more detailed info here:


The African SOUP can help arrange for your transportation to and from the airport. It is roughly a five hour drive to Nabikabala from Kampala. 



All visitors' itineraries are customized to best benefit The SOUP students and staff and our guests. Some examples include visiting the SOUP School in Nabikabala Village, visiting community members during home visits with our Baby SOUP health program, interacting with the Active Learning Project team at the office in Iganga, visiting the Source of the Nile, and going on a safari in Murchison Falls National Park. 


A variety of housing options are available, though none in the village. We recommend staying in a hotel in Iganga, Uganda for your visit to Nabikabala. You may also enjoy spending time in other cities throughout Uganda such as Jinja and Kampala.

All visits must be coordinated through our office in advance.
For more information, contact our team at

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