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SOUP Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are each uniquely connected to the SOUP and serve as ongoing vocal advocates for the organization. They each host one fundraising event in their community each year. We are honored to have their support and enthusiasm championing our cause!

Sydney Hulebak Headshot.jpg

Sydney H. Willoughby

Atlanta, Georgia

"I support the SOUP because it introduced me to the impact that a true, community-led educational and development initiative can have. The organization teems with creativity and succeeds through trusted, local partnerships and leadership rooted in Uganda. I have been involved with the SOUP in some capacity since 2010 and have been delighted to watch it grow and mature into the thoughtful non-profit it is today."

Karen Bustard UG headshot.jpg

Karen Bustard 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I support the SOUP because it is an incredible organization led by an amazing staff with heart, bravery and wisdom. It's an organization grounded at the SOUP school in Nabikabala village, with the big dreams, talent, and drive to improve the quality of education across Uganda! I feel honored to have had the chance to work with their leadership team in Uganda in 2015."

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